Kapchat + CSS Formatting Not Working?

Hey everyone,

pardon my ignorance but my CSS formatting doesn’t seem to be working with Kapchat through OBS’s browser source.

Here’s my code:

@import url(‘https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Press+Start+2P&display=swap’)

body {

font-family: ‘Press Start 2P’, cursive;

font-size: 30px;

font-weight: 400;


any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hey @fmartin742!

At first glance I don’t see any other issue than a semi-colon missing at the end of your import.

Unfortunately that didn’t seem to work either.

The code is straight from the google fonts page so it should technically be formatted properly.

Not sure if it’s maybe because of I’m using OBS29 ?

Hmm, that’s a shame…
Is it just the font-family that isn’t working? In other words, does font-size and font-weight change the way the messages are displayed as expected?
If you add color: red; are the messages turning red?

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