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KapChat Connection Message - Removal

Hi there, using horizontal KapChat set up and was wondering if it is possible for the inital connection message e.g. “Chat: Conecting to server…Connected blah blah”, message to get removed / not show on start up?

Either done with Css? Ive seen a vew suggestions but none work, or if another method can used to remove it?

Any help would be amazing TY <3

Hiya, this can be done by using CSS:

    display: none;

That is what I have seen suggested and does not work for me, any suggestions? unless im doing it wrong attached a image of what I have in obs custom css box:

This is what mine looks like, and seems to work fine on my end.

Thanks for the reply, but still getitng the connection message with what you suggested. Any thoughts?

The CSS gerhard posted should work. If you’re still having issues it may be an OBS issue that’s worth reaching out to them about.

Contacted them they suggested re-install and update checks which I did and no use.
Other sources I use with custom css work appart from this so not sure what else to do

You might be out of luck then. As a last effort, you can try being more specific with the css:

div.chat_line[data-nick="Chat"] {
  display: none;

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