Its possible to put users on Blacklist for doesn't use commands?

Recently, some troublemakers come to my stream and do a bad use of !sr. I don’t care if they stay here because they’re just a pair of boasters.
But if they makes troubles on my stream using the commands…

I don’t want to private the comands for the new users of the stream or get rank to every one that joins on stream. I want to mark this two users in a blacklist or something.

I searched everywhere but I only found “Blacklist words”.
Does exist any option for Blacklist a user without ban him?

Sorry but there is no user blacklist level. We just recommend just banning offending users.

even with your channel in followers only or subscribers only mode you should always have one of your main mods as manager added on nightbot, so he/she can check the song requests queue and clean it from unwanted, offensive or troll songs before they get played

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