Is this even possible?

would it be possible to make an ‘if…then…else’ command which tells the user who says a certain statement but if they don’t say it doesn’t respond?

for example:

user: I’m not cute
bot response: no, user, you are cute

user: I’m a potato
bot response: none

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Check the query for “not cute”.

!addcom -cd=5 i'm $(eval decodeURIComponent(`$(querystring)`)==`not cute`?`No, $(user), you are cute`:` `)
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this is amazing, thank you so much!!!

i know this is asking a lot, but would there be a way to trigger the response with the ‘i’m not cute’ phrase being used anywhere in the sentence

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This isn’t possible since by design a command only triggers if its name is the first word in a user’s message.

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