Is there any chance to get much longer chat log for Nightbot?

Currently it seems to be 1 week. I would need some information about my chat logs 1 month - 6 months ago. I think nightbot doesn’t keep data that long and they are all removed now, but for future: is there any chance to get a longer chat logs?

You would be correct in that nightbot only keeps logs for a week. I’d personally recommend using for chat logs.

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If it were to be increased it would be a pro feature. Nightbot is in a lot of channels and keeping longer logs requires more storage space, which is compounded for every channel nightbot is in (quite a few, on multiple platforms). The logs are kept for 2 weeks, and generally if you need anything longer it is expected to use a tool for that. Nightbot’s logs are for quick checking of users and things that happened in chat somewhat recently.

Is there anything for youtube streams?

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Thanks for the answer. Need to look from somewhere else then.

Are chat logs that big though? It’s just text.

This isn’t meant as a rant, more of some insight into the technical parts of it.

It’s just text, but it is text that is able to be searched (very expensive to do quickly with large numbers), sorted, and can’t be saved locally.

Also every single message in a channel during the period has to be saved. Some channels that is not that many, but for some channels that is tens of messages a second. Nightbot is in some of the largest channels on Twitch, it is used for moderation in big events, and also just in a lot of channels in general. Text for one channel is saved easily for a long period of time. Going through the text and sorting it and such can be expensive. So it might be able to be offered, but it might not be efficient or cost effective (nightbot loses money)

I love these chat logs, but I had no idea that they only lasted for 2 weeks - I thought it would be longer.
What is the best way to save the chat logs locally? Also, is there an alternative for Youtube live chats.
If this were a pro feature I would certainly upgrade.

Btw - do you guys have a Patreon or a Paypal me button?

You’d probably need some kind of tool for that, but to be honest I don’t know why you’d want to save chat logs. They are fairly disposable, at least in my mind.

Maybe in the future if there’s enough reason to, but currently we have a rolling cron that deletes indexes of logs 2+ weeks older … we’d need some sort of solution to keep logs for pro users.

nah, the only way we make money at present is with BetterTTV Pro, which covers the cost of all services being ran.

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