IS there any Autochat bot API available?

Hi guys and devs,

I am here after a year.
I have 2 questions :

  1. In 2020 I was using a chatbot api which autotalks in the Live chat via nightbot. due to some reason I lost that channel. and I forgot the API endpoint.
    I am just wondering is it possible to make it again?

  2. In my live stream there is voting system.
    how can we get same $(count) in multiple commands.
    example : If i want to vote nightbot
    I will use !NIGHTBOT command. which increments their count by +1
    sometimes people type only NIGHTBOT command ( without prefix )

so in this case, I want to increment !NIGHTBOT command’s count by using second [ NIGHTBOT ] command

any help would be appreciated

Thank you

Hi @xloss I am sorry for your loss.

There used be a API endpoint at, which is no longer in service I believe as it gives No Output on every message.

The voting command is still possible.

!addcom -cd=5 !nightbot @$(user) voted for Nightbot! [ $(count) people voted for Nightbot ]

Your users may use command without any prefix (!).

!addcom -cd=5 nightbot -a=!nightbot


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Thank you Bhai, … :slight_smile:

One more question -

  1. there are lots of vote command in my Night bot dashboard.
    I am sending request to my server to count the votes.

In next month I am going to change my server, and the problem is - I can’t change command one by one.
cuz it is like a headache for me.

I want to use single command o change my server IP.
is it possible?

  1. Commands samples :

Full command -

!TECHNOGAMERZ :  $(eval a=`$(urlfetch$(user) voted for Techno Gamerz. Total $(count) peoples voted for Techno Gamerz.&process=Speak)`,`$(user) Voted successfully âś“`)

This is Another one -
!TEST : t/?ax=$(user) voted for Techno Gamerz. Total $(count) peoples voted for Techno Gamerz.&process=Speak)

!TEST_  : $(eval a=`$(urlfetch json$(query))`, ` `)	

Here, is my server IP, and there are lots of commands in my dashboard.

  1. also in this command I can’t show no. of votes in chat. Because when we use multiple $(count) variables it’s count increase by no. of variables. so is there any solution ?

Hi @xloss First, ignore my spellings and grammar errors.

And you better prepare yourself for that—pain—headache, there is no way to change all command’s response with one single command.

True. 1 $(count) variable always increase by 1 on command run (n $(count) variable will increase by n). Well not actually, see this:-

!addcom !count $(count) $(count)
Ritik: !count
Nightbot: 1 2
Ritik: !count
Nightbot: 3 4

Consider storing the $(count) into a variable, instead of using many $(count) variables.

$(eval a=$(count); ...)

I believe you are trying to count every command used uniquely on user basis, as votes.
For that you surely need some kind of database—or server, here—and as in YouTube channels may have same names. So, just $(user) will leads to conflict. Better using $(userid) as every userID is unique.


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Can we use alias command for server address?
Like I said earlier


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