Is there a way to disable or adjust name color changing?

Can you turn off or lessen BTTV’s readability color-changing? It’s really annoying to be forced to see what the devs think is readable instead of the true user-selected name colors. One of my last straws with BTTV, only thing it does better than FFZ is give you unofficial emotes.

We don’t decide what readable is, a computation does. We ensure that a name has enough contrast against the background and brighten/darken it until it does. We force this feature on users to prevent them from annoying other users with bad colors, like spring green. Nobody complains about that anymore, which is how you know the feature works.

It annoys me, though. The colors are almost unreadable sometimes when I install BTTV.

And you’re still deciding by programming the plugin, I’m not saying you decide every name color personally.

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