Is there a problem with nightbot timers?

Is there a problem with nightbot timers? i can’t make them to work…

They are currently working fine for me. Ensure that the line limit is being met 5 minutes before the timer activates (regardless of the time you have it set to, it checks the chat lines in 5 minute intervals before they go off):

It working:

Posting the settings you have and your channel could help to see if there is an issue.

I’m not sure if Night is aware or not but I’ve noticed nightbot having bouts of unresponsiveness/ or plain up and leaving chat last 3-4 days idk if that has anything to do with your timer issues though

As slikrick said, just make sure you have your limits set properly. Keep the line minimum to 2 if you aren’t sure how it works.

The only unresponsiveness that has happened in the past 24 hours was last night at 1:17am there was a 16 minute outage due to a database locking up. We have a task setup to move the database to a new server soon, but are closely monitoring it in the meantime.

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