Is there a BetterTwitchTV API?


I have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find an answer so I thought I’d post on here.

BTTV feature allows non Twitch partners to submit emotes and use them in their channels I just wanted to know if there is a API or any other way to access these emotes other than using the BTTV plugin?

There is an API, but it is not documented.

@night Thank you :smile:.

The API provides information for the emotes (Emote ID etc). Say if I wanted to get the emote as a png, would I be able to use the url template (//{{id}}/{{image}}) to get the png? If yes then do you know what might be the image parameter for the URL?

{{image}} is the image size. Available values are 1x, 2x, 3x

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What is the ToS of the API? Similar to this ? Free to use the emotes in third party software as long as it is provided free of charge?

We do not have a ToS for API usage at this time, sorry. Access to our API comes with no guarantees and we aren’t officially supporting its usage at this time (else it would be documented). Just “don’t be evil” and you’ll not cause problems.

Great attitude :grinning: keep it up

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