Is Nightbot Subcriber Role Syncing compatible with Twitch Affiliates?

HI Guys,

since today its possible for Twitch Affiliates to get Subs.
We got the first subs today and I created a Discord role for them.

But they are not syncing, even when the users linked their Twitch account in Discord.

What could be the problem?`


Nightbot doesn’t sync subscribers. Discord had an option for twitch partners to automatically synced them, and that was assumed. Im not sure what the plan is with affiliates, but you might have to wait a bit and see.

Then I cannot understand the option “Subscriber Role”. What is it for?

Because nightbot has spam protections and commands and if your subs don’t have a role nightbot wouldn’t be able to treat them differently from another person. The subscriber role is to make sure nightbot can work similarly to how it does in twitch, it can’t know whether someone on discord is a subscriber on twitch or not

Wish it was working for us Affiliates, hopefully soon they will update the API. Because I have to manually add them in roles. Then if someone isn’t a sub for the next month I will have to remember to remove their Sub role. As I have channels/voice chats for Subs only.

Discord has that integration already… as i stated in my first response

I know that. It’s not working. I have the role set with Nightbot to sync for my viewers. My viewers have their twitch and discord integrated but it’s not auto syncing like it’s supposed to for the subs. It works for Mods. Isn’t working for normal and subs.

Nightbot only syncs regulars and moderators. You should be using Discord’s integration for subscribers.

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