Is Nightbot API down?

I for the life of me can’t figure this out, trying to get an authorization token, my format is

[Can’t post links here so I guess I can’t show you my format but it’s the one from the example]

All it does is respond with an “Unknown error occurred” when the authorize button is clicked (everything else looks fine, including the correct application name and detecting my username) and inspecting the page shows a 500 error each time

Hey @squuuidly!

You should get the authorization to post links shortly, but a screenshot could help in the meantime.

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Hiya, double check your redirect_uri parameter, make sure it matches the one you set in your application settings.


I checked URI and it seems to be accurate

Still seemingly can’t use links here so I added it to the image

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They don’t match :slight_smile:

one has /callback in the end, the other one has not.

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Welp, that worked, how many years have I been doing CS and I make a mistake like that xD

Sorry, don’t mess with apps like this often xD

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