Is it possible to make !songs list a Mod only command

I recently had a user going into the list command and adding songs directly into the playlist to mess with the stream. Is there a way to up the user level on this command so it can’t happen again?

Hey @madeast!

Yes, go to the Default Commands panel on the Dashboard and set the level for !songs to Moderator:

Would this turn other commands underneath it like !sr to a mod command? Cause I still want to keep that a public command.

Yes, it would, but there’s no other solution sadly, I tried to separate the two before by using alias commands, but it can’t work because of limitations. The ideal would be to have precise settings on these default commands where we can turn on/off specific part of it. Also, even if you could turn it off, the list would still be accessible, someone just has to take their list URL and update the username to access yours, so blocking this part of the command isn’t a definitive solution.

Alright thank you for the help!

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