Is it possible to make a Custom Modifiable List Command?

So I’m quite new to Nightbot and I was wondering if it would be possible to make a custom command so viewers could recommend certain characters to me to use?
Whenever I do stream, the game I usually play let’s me choose from a large number of cast characters and the few viewers I have usually recommended characters for me to use, but it’s kinda painful to have to scroll through the chat to look at all the different characters they recommend to me and to try and remember them, this usually leads me to forget certain characters people recommend or that they were recommended at all.
I was hoping to be able to set up 3 custom commands, 2 that the everyone can use and 1 only me and Mods can use, the 2 that everyone can use would consist of one command that lets them add a character to a list, similar to a Song Request, and another so that they can check said list, which should be modified every time they use the previous command which adds said character to list, the other Mod and Me only command would be one to be able to get rid of a certain character once they have been used, so that way there are no accidental repeats.
But is this even possible to do with Nightbot?

You can do this with this quote system: [CustomAPI] Quote system

After following those instructions, you will have the commands !quote, !addquote, and !delquote

!addquote characterhere

!quote list

!delquote characterhere

Make sure the userlevel for !delquote is set to Moderator

You can rename the commands so instead of “quote” their names contain “character”

Thank you so much, I didn’t want to reply until I knew everything worked properly so I didn’t say this now then come back later and say that it wasn’t working, we had a few issues trying to make it work as I accidentally set the Add Character command to Mod only and not the Remove Character one but besides that they work like a charm.

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