Is it possible to have random !quote generate on timer?

Hi there,

I set up a bunch of quotes in the !quote command by using !addquote.

I have attempted to now set this up in the Timer section, adding !quote in the message and alias fields. I was hoping it would generate a random quote on a timer, but it does not.

It is generating a quote after x time, however seems to be generating the same quote after x time, and not random as I’d hoped.

Is there a code I can use to have the Timer generate a random quote from my list added into the !quote command?

Thanks in advance.

If your !quote command is exactly the same as the quote system API forum post instructed you to set up, then the setup for the timer should be !quote in the Alias field and nothing in the Message.

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Hey RokettuJanpu thanks so much for the quick response.

I have just used the automatic installation link of the three commands so no changes made there.

Ok so I’ve just deleted any text from the Message section, and left the Alias as !quote.

Thanks for your help.

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