Is it possible for chat mods to whitelist links?

I’m a mod for a couple of streamers, mostly so I can run nightbot stuff for them. One streamer I’m modding for is casting a tournament today which will be promoted so it’s likely that there will be a number of new people in the chat. Typically, posting links are allowed in the chat, but for today he wants to filter some of them.

I know you can have Nightbot filter links. I also know that Nightbot can have a whitelist of links that it would allow that the channel owner can control on their side. I was wondering if it was possible for me, as a mod in the chat, to add websites to that whitelist via in-chat commands?

Due to how complicated it is to manage lists in chat, we only allow modification of whitelists and blacklists via the control panel. You can add managers to your Nightbot control panel at Since Twitch doesn’t have a mods API, we are not able to grant mods permission to your control panel at this time.

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