Is BTTV Down? Need some help here

Running chrome, bttv was fine yesterday, have tried clearing cache, cookies, etc. Have uninstalled and reinstalled extension. Please don’t give me obvious answers. There may be a local issue but I have no idea what it is

I have the same issue, it started when I closed Chrome yesterday (closed the background app). Then today after logging in to Chrome and Twitch BTTV just stopped working. The extension is installed in Chrome list but the icon on Twitch is just gone. It won’t reappear after restarting Chrome, reinstalling the addon or relogging into Twitch.

Google had some issues yesterday, might this be why…? If they somehow messed up the support for BTTV. Using Malwarebytes and Windows 10 if that matters.

BetterTTV tweeted earlier:

BetterTTV ‏@BetterTTV  2 hours ago : The BetterTTV cdn and api are currently down, you may experience some issues. ^TPC
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I think everyone can agree that they need to…


BetterTTV server is having issues. Wont be back for at least a few hours, possible more.


LOL at that video

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BTTV actually works in theater mode, so use it :slight_smile: (partially)

Around 3:23 AM EST CloudFlare removed our domain from their SAN SSL certificate, causing all connections to BetterTTV’s servers to start failing (because the certificate appears invalid). Unfortunately until CloudFlare resolves this issue for us, BetterTTV will not be able to load or function. We’ll be tweeting updates at if you want to stay updated.