Is BetterTTV Safe to Use?

So I am looking into installing Twitch chat extensions for the external emotes (either BetterTTV, 7TV, or FrankerFaceZ, or a combo of them) and I was hoping to ask a few questions as it pertains to BetterTTV:

  1. Does BetterTTV violate Twitch’s policy in any such way? I noticed there are two extensions related to a couple of these sites directly in the Extensions search bar catalog on Twitch itself so I assume Twitch is aware of it and even allowed someone to make connected extensions that would connect directly to these external extensions? With the number of channels using these features, I assume it is safe.

  2. Is it safe to link my Twitch account to the service? Have there ever been any security issues with this?

  3. Viewers to my channel can’t see any emotes from BetterTTV that I don’t have currently installed to my channel, is that right? I just wanted to ensure people couldn’t post anything that I hadn’t personally approved myself.

Thank you so much for your time!

To answer your questions in order:

  • While BetterTTV isn’t exactly approved or manually reviewed by Twitch, unlike their extension program. The extension is designed to add functionality and features in a way that isn’t disruptive to the product itself. We do maintain a GitHub Repo for the extension source code where users can additionally report any issues. As with all applications/extensions you cannot assume it’s safe due to the number of users using it which is why we host it on GitHub.

  • When linking your account Twitch will describe all permissions that BetterTTV requires:

* Manage Channel Points custom rewards and their redemptions on your channel
* View Channel Points custom rewards and their redemptions on your channel
* Read your email address and email verification status

To the best of my personal knowledge we haven’t encountered any account exposure security issues for BetterTTV. If it were to happen the only items attackers could access would be your channel points / rewards. As always you can always invalidate the connection through Twitch’s Security panel.

  • BetterTTV offers three types of emotes for all chats:
    Global emotes exist globally in BetterTTV and can be used in any channel, list of emotes.
    Channel emotes are emotes that the channel owner (yourself) or Editors (other users you can assign) can add to your channel that all users can use in your chat.
    Personal Emotes are a feature of BetterTTV Pro that allow users to add personal emotes that only they can use in any chat. All personal emotes require manual approval due to the nature of being allowed on the platform.

I hope this answers your questions and concerns.


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