IPv6 Support for the site

Hello, I’m new here, so this is actually my first post.

When I went to create an account on this website I got an error saying that my IP address could not be used. I thought that was kind of weird, but then it hit me: my connection usually defaults to using IPv6, maybe that’s the issue. As it turns out, that was the issue. I went to my adapter settings, disabled IPv6, then tried again, and I was able to create an account. However, I still can’t log in with IPv6 enabled or I get this error: You can't login from that IP address.

I don’t know if this issue affected just me, or not. If it is not, I’m hoping that it can be looked into being fixed as the world is moving towards an IPV6 ecosystem.

Thank you,

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Same issue. Had to disable IPv6 in order to log in. It’s keeping me logged in after turning it back on though it just wont let us log in.

This should be fixed now.

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It appears to be working now for me :smiley: Thank you!

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