IP's from NightBot?

For some extra security to my PHP script (called by custom commands) I would like to add the IP’s from the NightBot

Till now I’ve found one ending with .33 and one ending with .35

Are there anymore, or is this it?

Thank you.

Hiya, I dont have a list of IP’s for you, I don’t really like a validation with IP’s, since IP’s might change in the future.
To validate Nightbot commands you can check if the Nightbot headers are send in the request (UrlFetch - Nightbot Docs), or for sensitive request I use a token/random string as querystring parameter in the url which is validated in combination with the channel id on the server side.


Thank you for the info.
Random tokens added to the NighBot request and validate at server side sounds like a good way to go.
I’m going to have a look at this option.

However. Nightbot headers can be spoofed. So I’m going to pass on this.

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