Invalid parameter specified. Possible parameters: add/delete/edit

Nightbot (on twitch). keeps spitting out this message from time to time while @'ing the streamer. We aren’t sure what it could be. I thought maybe a timer was messed up, but it kicked off sooner than any of the timers are designated to do so.


It sounds like the streamer has set up a timer that has !commands in the Alias field and has either an invalid parameter or no parameter in the Message field.

If they want the timer to give a link to the streamer’s command list, make sure there is nothing in the Message field. If they don’t want the timer to return any message at all, simply disable or delete the timer.

There are 3 timers which I setup for him. One does contain the !commands in the alias field. How would that one timer be affecting the other timers?

It isn’t affecting the other timers. It is that timer which is erroring most likely.

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