Invalid image (error processing)?

hey guys, i dont know what to do :frowning: Im trying to upload an animated emote for my streamer friend but it doesnt work. I have try*ed everything. Can someone help me please ? (2)

I’m having the same exact problem. I’m trying to upload an animated emote/gif in 112x112 px
A perfect square
But it keeps saying Invalid image (error processing)

This is the emote/gif below:


I’ve tried multiple methods but none of them work.
I tried Uploading on different browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla)
Renaming the File Name of the emote/gif
Editing the images by exporting them through different programs (Gimp, CSP, Paint)
Clearing browser caches and making sure no cookies were blocked on the website

I’ve seen multiple posts like this with the same problem but somehow they are getting their problem resolved after searching for help.

I’m really confused on what I’m doing wrong with the Upload.

Hey @maxi697 and @Obvi!

Sorry for the inconvenience, it looks like the API had an outage, I would try again as it should have recovered.
Let us know is the issue persists.


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