Invalid image (error processing) when uploading GIF

Currently trying to add a new animated emote, however, I’m getting the “invalid image (error processing)” error every time I try to upload it.
It’s 112px x 112px (checked the settings while exporting from Photoshop). Here’s the GIF:

Am I doing something wrong?

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I just created such a topic after you, it also does not load the gif, although all the parameters are correct. I hope the problem is temporary :sweat:

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Me too. I get the same error for a gif that is within the correct parameters, and it does not work. I tried everything from resizing the gif, converting it, optimizing it, and so forth but still nothing has changed. When I tried uploading it to 7tv, it worked just fine.

Just gonna link your topic here as well.

This is a temporary issue, you shouldn’t get that error, please be patient while the devs are looking into it.

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This issue should be resolved by now.


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