Invalid file size?

My image is 28x28 pixels and 2 kb size according to, yet it keeps telling me invalid image dimensions. I tried making it a png instead of a gif but it won’t take either one. If I make it any smaller it won’t be visible to the human eye what the heck? There is clearly some other sort of requirement that is not listed on the upload page as this emote works perfectly fine on Discord and was originally created in 112x112 and shrunk to 28x28 in an attempt to get it to upload.

I can’t upload an example to imgur because my work computer won’t let me go there and I won’t have a PC until it comes out of the shop. So here’s a link to it gif and png form on my Google Drive. emotes - Google Drive

Hiya, the format has to be 112x112

The first time I tried to upload it I had it that size and it didn’t work. I got the same message that the size was invalid. So I looked at these forums for past responses as this seems to be a common complaint and one of the suggestions was making it 28x28. I will try it again at 112 but it didn’t work the first time and I received the exact same message.

112x112 should work. If not upload the emote somewhere and post the link here, so someone can have a look at it.

Maybe it’s the file size: it should not exceed 1000000 bytes, because 112x112px are the required dimensions.

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