Integration says "server already exists"

I am trying to add my nightbot to discord.

But somehow it says it allready exist. And i can’t really not find where. i have removed all other account. Except the one that shall be used.

How to fix it?

Go on the account that has nightbot linked to the server and unlink it

That’s the problem. There is no account linked to.

That’s the only reason I can think of for that message. Are you sure someone who is able to add bots to your server didn’t add it in the past? And maybe never unlinked it?

There is only me with that access. :frowning:

Now i got online with the right account. The david_sorensen account was a forum only account.

It is on this user account “Pyrotestdk” i can’t get it to work.
I only have this account in nightbot.

Hey @pyrotestdk/@David_sorensen!

If you get that error it means that an instance of Nightbot is/was already linked to your server.
If you never made more than one account with Nightbot, it could have been one of your server managers as well.
If you can’t figure it out, contact Nightdev with as much details as possible, but I can’t guarantee anything.

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