In Twitch, Nightbot is not use the url for discord it replaces with ***

I’ve setup a command for “!discord” and if I tell Nightbot to say “Join our discord at: KnightPohtaytoe's Official Server” and when I use !discord in Twitch the only Nightbot responds with is “Join our discord at: ***”

I confirmed Twitch and Discord are synced. Any suggestions as to why Nightbot is only saying “***”? The same thing is happening for Youtube and Tiktok unfortunately. Is there a unique way the url must be written?

Thank you!

Hiya, seems like you’ve blocked all hyperlinks in your Twitch chat settings. Click here to go to your Twitch chat moderation settings and look for “block hyperlinks”.

Alternatively to what xgerhard suggested, you can make Nightbot a moderator, as it’s recommended, by typing /mod Nightbot in your chat.

Thank you everyone! We adjusted the settings to allow hyperlinks. This resolved the issue!

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