Import export feature: lack of ambition?

An import/export feature for the commands would BE very much helpful! Despite the fact it is considered not needed it’s actually a feature that would make nightbot’s position much stronger. It feels like a lack of ambition more than something left out because it is not needed.

It’s creative people that do cool stuff who uses those features, that puts nightbot on the map. API’s and such are generally only for exploiters as they only have the money to implement oath like logins… it would anyway also need a backend on my side, just for a simple import/export, that is just too tedious… computers are supposed to help humans, not enslave them…

The only thing keeping me from using streamlabs chatbot is that the urlfetch is even worse than nightbot… Nightbot is cool, don’t get me wrong but I hope these features get implemented! And some ridiculous limitations like urlfetch’s url length… or an option to not wait for a reply(timeout) so the chat will not say: “Remote connection failed” and such… it makes nightbot’s name bad!

A penny for your thoughts… :smiley:

Bots have very different syntax for variables, and supporting an import mechanism to account for all those edge cases would mean needing to build a parser for every other bot’s message parser. It’s not worth the time and effort, especially when most users only have a few commands.

It’s not clear what your point is here, since Nightbot has a very open, well-documented API that any hobbyist can play with. Programming is not only for “exploiters.”

There are definitely some runtime restrictions on message length due to storage limitations and on url fetching to ensure timely responses are achieved within chat, but I don’t agree that it makes Nightbot look bad. Assuming you build a command that works with reliability within Nightbot’s constraints you shouldn’t receive errors. We are also already exploring improvements to improve usage of this variable and others.

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