I'm having issues with quotes on my Nightbot


I’m getting quotes added onto my Nightbot from a friend’s channel (they are using Streamlabs to add quotes) and I’m getting tired of deleting them from my channel. I don’t think anyone is going on my channel to manually add them, but rather the quotes get automatically added whenever a quote is added to their channel. I tried parting Nightbot from my channel and that didn’t work. I just deleted the ‘!addquote’ command and re-added it, hoping that works. But I’m really not sure how to fix this.

Hiya. If the quotes are added from your friends steam, you must be using the same tokens for the quote commands. Each channel needs their own tokens.

So either check your friends commands, and delete theirs or you can generate new commands here, but you will have to re-add your quotes: [CustomAPI] Quote system

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