Im banned? Help!

Hi! So, while i was on i got errors everywhere. and when i seed the console there was an video wich said im banned. And i dont know why?

Hey @F6347_YT!

We have no idea what you’re talking about, are you banned from a YouTube channel? If so there’s nothing we can do for you, Nightbot doesn’t ban users.

Or maybe you believe you’re banned from Nightbot’s website, somehow? If that’s your claim give us screenshots, steps to reproduce the issue? See if you can log in to the dashboard.

Oh wait, i fixed it only loging out and login in. The steps to reproduce this issue are: Changing any info in you’re google account (like changing the password, security, etc…) I think it happened because some time ago i broke my phone so i disabled double security. Thanks!

Interesting… :thinking: thanks for letting us know.