Ignoring people in chat

Ignoring people in chat somehow doesn’t work when I have BetterTTV enabled

Click on name->click ignore->gives errors:
On firefox 32
"There was a problem unignoring that user"
“There was a problem unignoring that user” (and continues when I spam the button)
On latest chrome
"There was a problem ignoring that user"
“There was a problem unignoring that user” (and cycles when I spam the button)

and as I said if I disable the addon, ignoring works as intended

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I cannot reproduce any issues with ignoring or unignoring.

Thanks for the answer. The confirmation that the issue is only with me is enough.
If I happen to fix it, I’ll post it here.

Same issue here. I’ve been having it for months, I can’t recall when it started. Probably at least 3-6 months ago. It used to work (using BTTV) before then, but not now. I only have 2 other scripts/addons that effect Twitch (Font Color Fix and No Chat Spell Checker), and I have the same issue after disabling them. It’s definitely a real issue, but I don’t know how to reproduce it.

Edit: I just learned about manual ignore (/ignore), and it does work, so the problem is only with the ignore button when selecting their name.

Thanks for reminding the /ignore command. I completely forgot about that
I don’t need a fix anymore but if I somehow fix it I’ll post it here.

I have the same problem on Firefox when clicking on the Add/remove users from ignore button for months (started around 6 months ago). It says:
There was a problem unignoring that user

It used to work for me long time ago, too.

I was able to reproduce the problem on Firefox, and it is now fixed.

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Both chrome and firefox is working right now. Thanks for the fix!

Working for me aswell on Firefox.