Ignore message from BOT / player?

So I have the “Ignore bot” feature enable.

But it does not seem to ignore my bot. But it does ignore stuff like " !song "

Is there any way I can make a list of player names I want the chat to ignore ?
Or even have a list of words that any of these words was used then the entire message would be ignored?

By default KapChat ignores bots. Enabling the check mark will show their messages.

As far as I know there is no blacklist usernames available for KapChat. KapChat will respect timeouts and remove the message from the display. So if you need a blacklist of words use Nightbot under the Spam Blacklist menu.

You can add the following code to the CSS for the CLR Browser to comepletly ignore your bot’s messages, but make sure you replace the username part with your bot’s username (lowercased).

.chat_line[data-nick*="username"] {
display: none;

Ah thanks, I didn’t not know that.

Hmmm… oki

I know what you are refering to.

But Im using OBS MP. And the new version of OBS, does not have “CLR Browser” but the new plugin for OBS MP is called “Browser” and to my knowledge the plugin does not have any feature like that to go to “Advanced mode”

Any way I can solve it or get it working ?

I’ve not used OBS-MP, but I’m pretty certain that the Browser plugin does not currently support adding your own CSS and I don’t know of any workaround (maybe someone else could chime in if they know of one), therefore you’d have to use the old OBS. Sorry!

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