Are there IF, THEN, ELSE, ISIN variables for Nightbot?

I’m trying to add a command like:
IF $(1) ISIN $(customapi http://…php) THEN (following next command)

Is this possible for Nightbot?
I’ve read somewhere that twitch chat is similar or equal to IRC, so i hope i can use this!

Conditional statements aren’t the most user friendly to work with so Nightbot doesn’t natively add a way to add your own statements. You could however, build a Custom API that would take in a variable, compare it with something else and return the output.

I have the exact same request. I’m trying to show the steam profile of any player with a link to the game they are playing only if there is one, but I can’t :frowning:

You can pull Steam information using the Steam variable: https://docs.nightbot.tv/commands/variables/steam

Is there anyone that can pull this off? I have no idea how to even start with customAPI’s… :frowning:
Looking for customizable IF THEN ELSE customAPI/API-url in a way I can fill in which value is compared to what etc.

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