(Idea suggestion) Nightbot Support on Twitter, Mix of automated responses + Human interaction

TL;DR Nightbot should have a support Twitter page.

My Idea Nightbot/Nightdev should have a Twitter support account that is able to automatically answer questions and have mods get on and answer questions.

Why? Many Nightbot users turn to Twitter for many simple already answered questions yet not everyone goes to this forum, I think it would be a great way to engage general users and attract them to the forum. I see a lot of questions like, How do I link? how do I add a manager? Using the Twitter account you could direct people to the forum. Before I found this forum I had no idea what a custom API is ( and I’m still kinda lost lol ) and yes… You can easily google these but a lot of people don’t. I think it would look good for the company as it involves its users.
Admittedly I’m not sure how hard it is to do this, But I couldn’t help but notice a lot of companies having a support Twitter account that mixes automatic responses with human ones. ( Stream elements ) is one that has Twitter support account and it seems to work well. I know that you already have a nightbot and a nightdev account, and you may not have to pay anyone because of the many amazing volunteers that already help so much on the forums… so my question is…

Any thoughts/feedback on this suggestion? Please like or reply!


Nightbot support is solely run by Night and volunteers like myself and others. We offer support and assistance as such in this forum, which can be referenced for simple question and answers (7.1k threads in the Nightbot category to this date). We also maintain a docs site which dives deeper into the features of Nightbot.

Due to the size of our team and type/length of questions we find the forum as a central hub to be more efficient method of support.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
I’ve also noticed a lot of people going to reddit subforums for nightbot and bttv questions as well so there are already many places where people can find answers. For a (company, software? ) ran by so few people it runs really well as almost every question is answered. Good job.


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