I want to translate that command

Hi, i want to translate this command to spanish, but the Nightbor response “unexpected end of input” i dont find the error

!addcom !followage -cd=5 /me :rose: $(touser) sigue a Ghasty hace: $(eval d=$(urlfetch https://beta.decapi.me/twitch/followage/zghasty/$(touser) 🌹 '); ${d.replace(year,año).replace(months,meses).replace(month,mes).replace(days,dias).replace(day,día).replace(hours,horas).replace(hour,hora).replace(minutes,minutos).replace(minute,minuto).replace(seconds,segundos).replace(second,segundo`)})

The main issue I’m seeing is the “ ” and the rose in the urlfetch though there could be more issues it’s hard to tell exactly if every back tick is there cause of the way you typed it. I am assuming a backtick is missing though since the last one shows up and I would expect them all to be paired. Actually it looks like your missing a backtick after ending bracket “}” there should be one after.


Hey @b_Ghasty!

@potatoeaterlove is right, just add the rose at the end of the output instead of in the $(urlfetch), like this:

$(eval d=`$(urlfetch https://beta.decapi.me/twitch/followage/zghasty/$(touser))`; `🌹 $(touser) sigue a Ghasty hace: ${d.replace(`years`,`años`).replace(`year`,`año`).replace(`months`,`meses`).replace(`month`,`mes`).replace(`days`,`dias`).replace(`day`,`día`).replace(`hours`,`horas`).replace(`hour`,`hora`).replace(`minutes`,`minutos`).replace(`minute`,`minuto`).replace(`seconds`,`segundos`).replace(`second`,`segundo`)} 🌹`)

Thank you so much guys!! :heart:

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