I think some people would like more control over song requests

Someone asked a question on here about how to add longer song limits.
The reply given was pretty much stonewalling.
Now I understand that letting songs be too long or having users post more than 2 songs makes you feel like there is too much control. But I disagree. If we are using your service and we would like a little more control I think we should be allowed to use it. Its your site, you own it but I feel like its a little too controlling. Its our channels. If we want to let users request say 3 songs or 10 minute songs why not let us? It seems a little odd that you just straight up ignore comments like this and lock the thread. No offense. I love the program.

In the new Nightbot beta we allow you to customize the number of songs that can be requested per user as well as the maximum amount of songs in the queue. We still stand firm on requiring songs less than 10 minutes, since at that point most of the content being requested doesn’t really classify as a “song.”

Hey that’s cool. I did not know there was a beta I will look for it. I still think you should let us go JUST A LITTLE over 10. Besides we have the control to skip it if we want.

Tell me this isn’t a song.