I need help! command are so difficult!

i’m trying make death count.
and command for reset is.
so i make one and it work fine.

“!rip” is “death count: $(count)”
“!reset” is “edit !rip -c=0”

but i wanna make night bot say “Death count: 0”, not “The command “!rip” has been edited successfully.”
so i add other command named “!reseted” and it say “Death count: 0”
and i add it to my reset commands alias.
and i tought it work but i realize my reset command dosnt work becuz i delete “!commands” in alias and replace it to “!reseted”

so my question is. is there any other way to my “!reset” command do reset “!rip” and say “death count: 0” same time?

sorry for my poor english. :frowning:

Hey @BaconPancake!

Please use the search bar, this topic has all the answers you’re looking for:

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thank Emily. so answer is there’s no way :C
but still, thank you for reply! have a great day.

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Yup, sorry.
Thanks, you too!

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