!i need a channel display name variable in nightbot!

Hey, um, is there any variable showing the Channel Display Name? Like how StreamElements has $(channel.display_name) as their Channel Display Name variable. I BADLY NEED A CHANNEL DISPLAY NAME VARIABLE FOR NIGHTBOT PLEASE!!!

Why do you need this? Can you elaborate?

I want to make it because I made a !nightbot command, when I type !nightbot, NightBot introduces himself. In one of the sentences, I want him to say, “One of UltraGaming_1001 (instead of ultragaming_1001) chatbots!”

Have you tried: $(twitch $(channel) "{{displayName}}")

THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU ARE DA BEST!!! I don’t know why NightBot Docs didn’t add this $(twitch $(channel) “{{displayName}}”) variable in their Variables list.

Hey @UltraGaming_1001!

I mean, it’s in the documentation:
Just need to think of combining them together…

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