I have a command idea. Is there a way I can get the nightbot company to make it?

The command is !Robbey/!Heist My idea for it is to steal the roulette points of other users. Here’s examples (say I’m a user in chat with 5million roulette points. And @ MikeTysonsLisp would be a user in chat with 2,570,210 roulette/gamble points.)

DoctaPeppiz: !Robery @ MikeTysonsLisp 10,000
:dagger:Nightbot: @ DoctaPeppiz completed the heist and took home $10,000 of @ MikeTysonsLisp’s money! :money_with_wings:

Here’s another example

DoctaPeppiz: !Robbery @ MikeTysonsLisp 2,000,000
:dagger:Nightbot: @ DoctaPeppiz lost the 2milliom he invested in the heist against @ MikeTysonsLisp :balance_scale:

Those examples hopefully shows how the command would go and the idea of exactly how it works. And the algorithm for it would have to be good so you aren’t just steeling a lot of points. The bigger percentage you try and steal from a persons inventory. The higher it is to loose. And also. The bigger percentage you risk of you own money stacks on top. So someone with 10k points just can’t double his money that easy.

I typed this here because y’all would be the best bet to get this command made some way. I’m assuming the nightbot company would have to make it to allow to steal points from people as not being mod. I feel like it would super super fun and entertaining for the chat. But I also thing it would make a lot of twitch streamer use nightbot for this fun command.

Nightbot has no points feature as of now so what your asking for would involve other bots. Also the “nightbot company” doesn’t just write command for people it’s typically people who volunteer their own time to help out others. So if you would want something like this you best bet would probably be paying someone to write an api for you that can do it.

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