I can't stand this bug anymore


Hi, some more context please? When and where is this happening, doesn’t look familiar to me.

it was happening on twitch chat, like every channel I watch just keeps showing this.
I read that they fixed this but why is mine bugging
If you type a Betterttv emote it ends up showing this.

You sure the “fix” was about this bug? I’ve not seen or heard anyone about this issue. Do you have any other extensions active regarding Twitch, try to disable them an see if that helps. Or check your browser console for errors.

so I tried turning off other extensions and it still keeps appearing so I tried console and it showed this and I’m not sure if this is a betterttv or my internet’s bad lol ssssss

So looks like you’re using the FFZ extension? Should probably ask their support instead of here.

FFZ emotes are also included in the BTTV extension.

same shit happening to me… bttv twitter told me to clear my cache but it didnt work 1

disable your other browser extensions.

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