I cant get nightbot to send bttv emotes on discord

Hello i have my bttv emote synced to discord and i created an account that contains the bttv emote but when i ran the command on discord it didn’t work.

i tried to put the the colons like this :something: so that discord converts it to the emote but still it doesn’t work.

is there a way to make night bot send bttv emotes on discord ?


i’ve noticed that the problem is only with bttv emotes
normal emotes work with the colons

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also it doesn’t work with custom server emojis
pls fix

Hiya, you need the the full emote id to make it appear in Discord. Something like: <:myEmote:123456>

You can get the id by typing the emoji in Discord, inserting a \ before it, then sending the message. For example, if you have a Discord emoji called myKappa, after entering \:myKappa: you would see the emoji’s ID. It will look something like <:myKappa:183914451633536533>

thank you sooo much
it worked

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