I cant download the new version of BTTV

Im using Google Chrome but i cant download the new version (7.2.50) pls help for fix

Ich kann die neue version von BTTV nicht installieren also die V7.2.50 für google Chrome und wen ich die Erweiterung Installiere bekomme ich nur die version V7.2.1

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I am having the same problem, and the Chrome Web Store page is out of date.

“The extension itself is not bttv, it is just a loader that loads the actual bttv code from the network. The extension and the bttv code itself have separate version numbers. The version number of the extension as shown for example on the Chrome store is 7.2.1 and that is the most up to date. The version number of bttv itself can be seen on the Settings -> About panel, and is currently 7.2.50. The extension always loads the most up to date version of the actual bttv code, and you never need to manually update it.”

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Ahhhh thanks for the info!!

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