!hug Simple command

I would like users in chat to type in !hug @(specific user)

And I would like Nightbot to return back:

Nightbot: (name of the person who initiated hug) gives big hugs to (GivePLZ emote) (a specific user)

ex. Sally gives big hugs to :hugs: Dave

–I’ve seen similar topics on this forum–but the code seems overly complicated and includes “random users” which I’m not interested in.
-I would like a simplified code–and I will insert my own emotes

Would someone be able to help with this? Thank you in advance

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Hey there @416popcorn! :hugs:

I’d be glad to help you out. Here’s is what you’re looking for:

!addcom !hug -cd=5 $(user) gives big hugs to 🤗 $(query)!

I hope I’ve helped! :smile:

I got it working.

This made my day!!! Thank you!

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No problem! I’m very glad I could help. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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