!hug command is not working

I tried adding a hug command using
!addcom !hug $(user) hugs $(touser) $(eval let responses = [with all their heart!, showing their appreciation!, but, I am only joking :stuck_out_tongue:, but, is rejected :frowning:, with all the love in the world!, ]; responses[ Math.floor(Math.random() * responses.length) ]; )

but the result is is excluding the EVAL and just uses everything after $(touser) as text.

Hey @Sayantan_Bakshi!

Your command should be working, anyway, I improved it slightly, so if you want to use this code instead:

!addcom !hug $(eval r=[` with all their heart!`, `, showing their appreciation!`, `, but I am only joking :stuck_out_tongue:`, `, but is rejected :frowning:`, ` with all the love in the world!`]; `$(user) hugs $(touser)${r[Math.floor(Math.random()*r.length)]}`;)
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Is there a way to make it always hug whoever is streaming? Not another user

Instead of $(touser) put in $(channel)

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