How to use multiple (count)

ex. !number $(count) $(count) $(count)
x -> 1 2 3
o -> 1 1 1

How can I display the current number multiple times without increasing the number when using (count) multiple times?

Hiya, hmm not sure if that’s intentional, maybe @night can confirm that, I assumed it wouldn’t increase if used multiple times in the same command.

However, there’s always a workaround, with for example the $(eval) variable:

!commands add !number $(eval var count = '$(count)'; `${count} ${count} ${count}`)

Where you can edit the response text as you would like:

!commands add !number $(eval var count = '$(count)'; `Text before: ${count} text between ${count} text betweeen ${count} text after`)
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Thank you very much. This is the answer I wanted. I love you!

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