How to translate account age command

Hi ,

I have a problem about translate account age command into chinese.

I set a command about account age.

$(twitch $(user)" {{displayName}}, Your account was created {{createdLength}} ago")’.replace(‘Your account was created’ , ‘已經建立’).replace(‘year’ , ‘年’).replace(‘day’ , ‘天’).replace(‘minute’ , ‘分’).replace(‘second’ , ‘秒’).replace(‘month’ , ‘月’).replace(‘week’ , ‘週’).replace(‘hour’ , ‘小時’).replace(/s/g, “”))

but when I type the command ,

nightbot return the message

Your account was created 11 months 9 days 17 hours 55 minutes 17 seconds ago’.replace(‘Your account was created’ , ‘已經建立’).replace(‘year’ , ‘年’).replace(‘day’ , ‘天’).replace(‘minute’ , ‘分’).replace(‘second’ , ‘秒’).replace(‘month’ , ‘月’).replace(‘week’ , ‘週’).replace(‘hour’ , ‘小時’).replace(/s/g, “”))

I need help , Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Your text needs to use ''s to complete strings. This message should work and you can just replace ago with the actual text.

$(eval `$(twitch $(user) "{{displayName}}, 已經建立 {{createdLength}} ago")`.replace('yea' , '年').replace('day' , '天').replace('minute' ,'分').replace('second' , '秒').replace('month' ,'月').replace('week' ,'週').replace('hour' , '小時'))
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OMG , it works , thank you so much . :grinning:

Por gentileza eu gostaria de saber se há um comando similar para o you tube. agradeço desde já

Hey @Muleke_Firmesa!

Sorry, there isn’t, YouTube doesn’t have the necessary API endpoints.
Also, please use English on this forum.

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