How to stop Nightbot from removeing @Community Update on discord?

Hello, so I have a community discord server that has nightbot in it and when ever the @community Updates offical discord bot postes a update with a link, nightbot warns and deletes the message. Is there a way to prevent the bot from doing it.

Hey @JoJo2014a!

Usually those channels are private and hidden from the rest of the server, it’s recommended to be this way, so assuming this is your case, prevent Nightbot from reading that channel’s messages.


Hey @Emily,
Thanks for letting me know, I trying to get the bot to stop doing it so this method may work. Thank you.

My server has #discord-info that includedes the upadate plus it is use for the welcome messages and the boost so all I can do it prevent the bot from doing anything by puting there role to prevent it from doing message or even viewing the channel.

Yes, that’s what I said to do: prevent Nightbot from reading that channel’s messages.
I was just worried that everyone could send messages in the channel you were about to block Nightbot from, as it wouldn’t be able to moderate it anymore.

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