How to show only the date in the !time command?

Hey, um, I want to make a !time command, but, I want it to show only the date, or maybe show the time (in minutes and hours only), and I don’t want it to show the GMT thingy, and the date. If only date is available, thats fine, because I can use StreamElements for the time. Is there any way to show only the date/ show the time (hours and minutes only) & no showing the GMT thingy & date?

Hiya, check the example usage in the docs: Time - Nightbot Docs

Can you please make the !time command for me with only time (12 hour, hours and minutes) and date? I am not an advanced programmer to do all this.

OK never mind, I am maybe an advanced programmer, thanks for letting me know about the formatted time!

let me resaerch and I will give you my honest opinion in 3 hrs

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