How to retrieve Overwatch stats through Nightbot


MoonlyMans#2317 EU pc


Thank you, this should be resolved now! Can you try again?


ah thanks dude, its working now


Hello, I can’t find my username or account on Overwatch tracker even after creating my account. My username is AskaRobz#2359 NA Canada PC. I have also a question, how do I implement a command only for my SR ? Thank you!


Can you try this:

This profile is private and we cannot refresh statistics. You can modify this setting in Overwatch under Options - Social, then restart Overwatch.

Once you can find your account on Overwatchtracker you can use the the !overwatch command.


Hello! Thank you it should work now. Do you know how to implement a command just for my sr ? Thank you :slight_smile:


Yeah, see my example here, instead of time just use skillrating:


Thank you so much! So I managed to do it, but it seems the stats haven’t been properly updated on the overwatch tracker website because my sr is currently 2677. Do you know what it could be caused by ? I tried updating them but it won’t work… My profile is public as well.