How to manually add Regulars for Youtube

Hi, i was wondering how can i add a regular manually from my Nightbot dashboard, now that Youtube has added handles and Nightbot is not able to add users that way?

Hope you guys can help :sweat_smile:

Hey @FindingZips!

I’ve escalated the issue, hopefully it’ll be fixed soon, thanks for reporting it.

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Yes, thank you for your time :+1: I hope that issue can be solved in the future. I’m not certain how many people use Nightbot regulars on Youtube, but having that functionality is always extra helpful.

It’ll be, but it’ll take some time as the dev is focused on BetterTTV for now.

In the meantime he pointed out that adding people with the old URL format using the channel ID should still work, you should be able to get that information using the $(userid) variable on the people you want to add as regulars.
The URL should look like this if I remember correctly:

So you could create a command to get the URL directly:

!addcom !getOldLink$(userid)

That said, you’d need the people you want to add as regulars to call the command themselves.

It’s not ideal, but it’s a temporary solution.

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Thank you, that does give me the url of the channel. I guess that’s a temporary solution to add someone on as a regular on YouTube. Although having direct links in the chat could be bothersome, specially for big channels, or if bots start to flood the chat.
Streaming en direct - YouTube 1_14_2023 8_42_58 PM

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