How to make personal sign instructions

Is there any way to show “$(user) signed $(count) times” for each user? Determine If it’s the same day and the same user, display “signed”.

Hey @guineaprokpig!

Here’s a similar topic that should interest you:

Note that I no longer help with such applications of the quote API as it’s not a usage the developer intended for their API.

Thank you, I added the following command as you did

!addcom _present $(eval d=$(urlfetch json|);i=d.indexOf( $(user));t=$(time Asia/Seoul "YYYYMMDD");if($(twitch $(channel) "{{status}}")==live){if( i>0){if(t!=d[i-1]){/editquote?token=????&data=${d[i-2].replace(.,``)}| ${t}|${d[i]}|${d[i+1]+1}|}else{r}}else{/addquote?token=XXXX&data=|${t}| $(user)|1|}}else{o})

!addcom !present -a=_present $(touser)$(eval var p=“$(touser)”,q=“$(urlfetch https :// 12)”,r=“$(urlfetch$(touser) )”; if(p==q) {( “You have signed in today, please come back tomorrow!”); }else{(“You have signed in”); })

But using !present always displays
; and I don’t know how to get editquote?token, because my English is not very good and I use translation, but I want to know how to make a sign-in command. :cry:

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