How to make call on command?

I’m looking to make a command that automatically pops up when someone says a certain word or phrase? Is this possible?

@crispyjack Hm, could be possible.



!addcom -cd=5 ritik Thanks for admiring <3


Ritik: ritik is great
Nightbot: Thanks for admiring <3
Ritik: ritik is dump developer
Nightbot: Thanks for admiring <3
Ritik: My name is Ritik
... *No response*

Also the phrase thing is not actually possible. As all the commands are trigger with first argument only.
But there is a way. Kinda

!addcom -cd=5 FIRST_WORD $(eval `$(query)`.toLowerCase()==`YOUR_REST_OF_THE_SENTENCE`.toLowerCase()?`COMMAND_RESPONSE`:` `)


!addcom -cd=5 ritik $(eval `$(query)`.toLowerCase()==`is great`.toLowerCase()?`Thank you <3`:`No u`)


Ritik: ritik is great
Nightbot: Thank you <3
Ritik: ritik is noob
Nightbot: No u
Ritik: ritik ranjan is his full name
Nightbot: No u

Hope it helps

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I’m a little confused on how your response works? Like the Command, Ex, and usage. It looks great I’m just kinda new to this custom command stuff. :slight_smile:

Here’s a more general format. For a phrase

!addcom First_Word_of_Phrase $(eval `$(query)`.toLowerCase()==`Rest_Of_Phrase`.toLowerCase()?`Response_If_Match`:`Response_If_Not_Match`)

If you don’t want it to say anything when it doesn’t match leave it as ` `

For a word you can just do:

!addcom Word Response

I hope that’s clear if not please explain what you don’t understand


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